So you must be wondering what Babbling Boolean is all about and what the name means.

What we’re about:

This website is all about following and reporting on all the latest and coolest tech trends and gadgets. Time to time there will be tutorial videos on modding devices, and even mobile apps reviews.

The name:

The name must have you scratching your head, and it’s understandable. Babbling is exactly what it means, to talk a lot. Many nerds will already know what the term boolean already means, for those that don’t here is an easy explanation. Boolean is a programming term (often found in java for example) that will tell a certain part of the program if something is going to be declared true or false. So what does that have to do with this site? It’s simple really, there is a lot of babbling with tech news, and we tell you the truth and false happenings in the tech industry.