Plex & Plex Pass Explained. The Ultimate Home Media Program?

Services such as Netflix and Hulu are great. You get access to thousands of TV shows and hundreds of movies. You can also stop the video and resume at any time unlike traditional TV. What if you have a large home media library and you want a beautiful interface with movie ratings, trailers and more?Sure you could add your media content to your computer’s shared network folder, dump them in a NAS, hook up a mini media PC to your TV and so on. Most of those methods still introduce a boring dated interface, that’s where Plex and Plex Pass come in.

Plex allows you to sort your home media content, watch live news, integrate your over-the-air antenna live TV signal and more. Plex Pass (paid service) takes those great free features and adds some additional ones.

Be sure to watch the video below as I explain Plex and Plex Pass features and why it’s become my go-to home media library service.

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