iPhone 6s In-depth Review


With the release of the iPhone 6s the reviews came pouring in, most of them without proper testing. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that no one gets the iPhone early, even most of the press. However, much of the reviews (including the top tech news websites and top tech YouTubers) don’t even test the phone for more than a couple of days, all for the sake of getting their review on the internet first. I couldn’t really care about that, that’s why I took my time testing the iPhone 6s and honestly, it’s mostly hype.

While most people are giving it an average of 8.5/10 or even 9.5/10, I gave a real honest score. I wasn’t bashing on the iPhone in my review, I was being well, honest. See for yourself in the review video below and if it’s really worth the hype.

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