HTC BlinkFeed, Sense Launcher apps and many more on Google Play

htc sense apps


HTC has been very busy with the launch of the HTC One M8 smartphone and now putting a ton of their apps on the Google Play Store for downloading. This allows for HTC to directly update their software quickly and individually rather than pushing an entire OS update which is a lengthy process. Here is a list of released apps:

  • Blinkfeed displays your calender events, social network feed, news, music, etc. in one app. HTC might allow non-HTC devices to install this app.
  • Zoe a cloud based storage app which allows for Zoe video uploading and inviting others to share and upload their photos. This app is expected to release in the summer. HTC might allow non-HTC devices to install this app.
  • SenseTV displays a TV channel schedule with additional info for each content media playing.
  • HTC Service Pack has limited details. All that is known is that it helps with HTC updates.
  • HTC Guide is a troubleshooting app for HTC devices so instead of calling HTC tech support, it’s recommended you use this app first.
  • HTC Gallery is a gallery app but with features such as image search, for example you open an image with certain scenery and if you want more pictures taken in the same place, the app will search for them.

This certainly is a step in the right direction but as for whether or not the other apps will function on non-HTC devices remains to be seen. Will you be using any of these apps or updating your HTC apps often?

Source: htc, verge, androidcentral

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