Google I/O 2014 ticket prices and purchase dates announced

google io 2014

When it comes to anything related to Google, Google I/O is the event to be at. The problem with attending a Google I/O event is that it sells out too quickly but this year Google has come up with a scheme to change that. I/O 2014 tickets are up for registration between April 8th 5:00am PDT until April 10th 5:00pm. People that register will receive a ticket at random, there is no first come, first serve this year. In order to register you’ll need a Google+ account and complete a registration form. Tickets cost $900 for general admission while academic tickets cost $300. If you register you won’t be charged anything, only those that are selected to attend the event are charged.

Google I/O 2014 is set to take place between June 25-26 in the Moscone West Convention Center in San Francisco. Key events are going to be live streamed on YouTube, but people that attend will most likely be given Google products, this year could be smartwatches.

For full details on registration click here. Are you going to register for a chance to attend?

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