Kitkat ROM being developed for the Sony Xperia X10


Ah the Sony Xperia X10, I had a love/hate relationship with it. In terms of hardware it was a beast when it released, however, it constantly lagged because Sony’s software was terribly made, Sony hardly updated it and left X10 owners in the dust. It just won’t die though. A developer on XDA-Developers has started working on a Kitkat ROM for the X10. Don’t get too excited yet, there a lot of bugs to work out, but at least it’s still progress. The X10 doesn’t allow for bootloader unlocking so the ROM is installed on top of the original system files and would boot from the Kitkat ROM instead of the original Android version from Sony. You can download the ROM from here. If it becomes stable would you install this ROM on your X10?

Source: xdadevelopers

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