Google previews Android Wear smartwatch system

android wear previewNot long ago Google’s SVP of Android Chrome and apps, Sundar Pichai, announced that Google would release a developer SDK for smartwatches. Now Google has released a couple of demo videos (that you can watch below) of their smartwatch operating system called Android Wear. Some of the key highlights is that it’s actually a smartwatch version of Android and takes voice commands via Google Now; such as message so-and-so, giving you traffic updates, weather, local alerts, flight info, etc. It has a few other features such as using your smartphone to play a music list and many more features to come. What’s great about this development platform is that developers can create their own apps to be used on Android Wear. There’s no word if a Nexus watch is in the works, but Pichai says that Google is working closely with phone manufacturers ASUS, HTC, LG, Motorola and Samsung, processor makers Broadcom, Imagination, Intel, Mediatek and Qualcomm and lastly watch desingers such as Fossil.

Google says Android Wear devices should start releasing later this year.

Source: google


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