UK Judge orders Apple to publicly apologize for suing Samsung, aw snap!

Among all the lawsuits Apple has been throwing around to anyone they consider a threat to their business, one was directed at suing Samsung that the Galaxy Tab copied designs of Apple’s iPad. A verdict was reached in the UK in which the Judge says the Tab doesn’t copy the iPad design because the Tab isn’t as cool as the iPad, ouch. After that, a UK Judge has ordered Apple to publicly apologize for suing Samsung and their Galaxy Tab. The apology must be shown on their UK site, newspapers and magazines for the next six months, wow. The technology industry regarding patents have become way to vague lately that too many companies are suing each other, but in some cases those companies have legit arguments, including Apple. The case of the Galaxy Tab copying the iPad was more of a personal shot at Samsung from Apple due to their never ending feud, and they are very different devices, the case was a joke. A ruling like this one should happen more often and make companies rethink suing competitors over childish reasons. What do you think?

Source: Xda-developers

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