Jelly Bean’s Google Play available for download

The Jelly Bean apps just keep coming, first we had the Sound Search app released for Ice Cream Sandwich users, this time the Google Play app from JB has been ripped. XDA member imbonez9 has released the app as a direct apk download. There are two ways to install it:

  • For a non-root method just attempt to install the apk normally (if it fails try the rooted method below)
  • For rooted devices: Use an app like File Explorer copy and paste the app in system/app and overwrite the old one and set permissions to: rw-r–r–

There is a catch though (isn’t there always?) it apparently works only in the US, unfortunate indeed. What the additional features of the JB version of Google Play brings are: magazine purchases, remotely update or uninstall apps from a computer and stream TV shows. The downloadable app is available via the second source link. Will you be downloading it?

Source: XDA-Developers, XDAForums

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