Galaxy S III rooted before it’s even released

The developers over at XDA have once again shown why they are some of the best programmers in the Android community, you see this time, developer Chainfire┬áhas rooted the Galaxy S III. Not too outstanding right? Guess again, it was achieved before the device is even released, and the developer doesn’t have a preview model, the root was achieved remotely. Keep in mind when the device does release and you want to root, there are some important things to consider, first attempting to root your device could damage it should anything go wrong, and there is bound to be more than one version of the GS3 so this root method may not work for all versions. Still it’s a step in the right direction, especially over a week before the device is released, the root information can be found in the second source link. If you plan to purchase the device, will rooting it be one of the first things you do? Have your say in the comments section.

Source: XDA-Developers, XDA-Forums

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