Get NFC working on the AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note

Another hot selling mobile device, another odd business choice. It seems as though the Galaxy Note for AT&T is shipped with a perfectly good NFC chip, the strange part? It’s not activated to work. The benefits of having a working NFC chip is that it allows you to use Google Wallet, Google Beam (with Ice Cream Sandwich), and much more. The people over at XDA are the ones to the rescue, once again.

The user fox689 has taken the xml permission file and Tag.apk files from the Canadian ROM to make this method work. ¬†Warning this procudure involves methods that might damage your device, do so at your own risk.¬†Before you can do anything about it, you’ll need Recovery and ClockworkMod Recovery working on your device, however all the those and the NFC instructions can be found in the first source link.

Source: XDA Forums, XDA Developers

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