Run LINK2SD for HTC Wildfire S and other Android devices

For those of you running an Android device and don’t know what LINK2SD is, you’re missing out. Many Android devices nowadays support Apps2SD, but using that feature leaves a portion of the app still on the internal memory of the device, LINK2SD moves the entire app to the SD card. This sounds too good to be true and it was for many users, but an XDA Senior Member d33ps1x has written a guide on how to set up an SD card on the HTC Wildfire S so that it supports the LINK2SD app. The method apparently also works for other Android devices, however modding the files in your phone is dependent on your phone model. Some other benefits of using LINK2SD is that  once it’s up and running, it supports widget and Live Wallpapers, but obviously removing the SD card will stop the apps from running properly until reinserted.

Warning: Attempting to mod your phone could potentially brick your device, do so at your own risk. For those that are still interested in attempting the above mod checkout the source links below.

Source: XDA Wildfire S Tutorial, via: XDA

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